Backoff malware and other memory scrapers are targeting retail PoS systems and financial institutions – this white paper describes how it works and how to stop it.
Retailers are under an unprecedented wave of IT security attacks with credit card data loss skyrocketing. Download here


How can you still use Windows XP computers securely after April 2014? Announcing ExtendedXP: a service that will ensure sustained security protection for WIN XP on into the future. Learn More.


Your current security protections cannot stop the new generation of sophisticated malwares. Isn’t it possible to stop these attacks? This paper analyzes the Gap issues and proposes real solutions to bridge the gap. Click here.


XP End of Life – 5 Month Report (April-August 2014)
Prior to April 8 there was much speculation about the extent of the future risk for vulnerabilities and attacks on XP PCs. Now, we have real data! The attached report includes a summary and classification of 306 identified vulnerabilities including the results of the MST analysis. Download here

StormShield Endpoint Security

Matrix has partnered with Airbus Defense and Space Cybersecurity to present the leading protection against advanced malware, Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) and their new protection against unknown attacks, SES Memory Protection (SES MP).

SES MP is the evolutionary result of years of research and development by Airbus Defense and Space Cybersecurity and is already being used by leading banking, governmental, retail, insurance and other organizations.  SES MP has been protecting these users from the most sophisticated advanced attacks and now, in the new release, has even stronger protections including a unique protection against advanced attacks like the Pass-the-Hash attack.

SES MP is part of the SES endpoint family of products that address every aspect of endpoint protection, from signature-based anti-virus/anti-spyware to the industry’s leading behavioral-based intrusion prevention to application and device control to flexible content encryption – all through a single agent.


ExtendedXP (EXP) combines the active real-time protection of a customized StormShield EXP Agent running at the Endpoint with the EXP Monitoring Service for monitoring and reporting on vulnerabilities to provide enhanced protection of XP and related applications – on into the future.
Attentive to its clients’ needs and aware of this critical security issue, Arkoon has designed a solution customized to address the “going forward” XP security problem. The ExtendedXP Service is built on the industry leading Arkoon endpoint security products and services that are already protecting leading organizations around the world. ExtendedXP (EXP) is the only solution available that will allow for effective proactive protection of Windows XP workstations after April 2014.

Avira Antivirus

Avira, a company with over 100 million customers, is a worldwide leading supplier of self-developed security solutions for professional and private use. With more than 25 years of experience, the company is a pioneer in its field. As a leading German security specialist, Avira has solid experience in the development and support of security solutions. In addition to programs specifically for use on single workstations, Avira primarily offers professional solutions for cross-system protection of networks on various levels. These include products for workstations, file, mail and web servers.