Matrix was founded with the driving vision of providing high quality security technology solutions and services based on innovative application of technology, tools and processes. We are focused on providing a great value to our customers by identifying the leading security software technologies and establishing partnerships to be able to provide them to our customers with the scalability and reliability to ensure that the technology will work for them allowing them to focus on their own core competencies. Matrix is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations for quality, responsiveness and professional excellence while providing long term support that anticipates our customer’s emerging needs.

The members of the Matrix team have decades of experience in delivering leading innovative security solutions. In addition to this raw number of years of experience, the Matrix team applies the industry leading security analysis tools to ensure the highest quality and performance of their delivered solutions. This depth of experience has allowed us to integrate our outstanding professionals and resources with the best talents and technologies available anywhere. Our reputation for excellence has been earned by people of exceptional creativity, expertise and determination working in cooperation with our customers.

Through working with customers Matrix has acquired the knowledge across industry types to meet your needs. The Matrix team has worked on projects across industry types – from manufacturing to financial services, health service to education and retail to government. Matrix has extensive and very specific experience working with regulated businesses and offers industry leading security solutions to meet the needs of those customers who face the challenge of ensuring the best possible data and device security while optimizing the capability of their organization’s workers to accomplish their job goals.

In virtually every client engagement, we are challenged to find the right combination of tools and expertise to craft the optimal solution that will meet our customer’s unique requirements. We have consistently found ways to overcome daunting obstacles and, while consistently staying with our open systems philosophy, deliver innovative applications to our customers. Rather than taking the easy path that doesn’t quite meet our customer’s needs, Matrix is committed to keeping focused on the business problem to be solved and working relentlessly until the best solution is found.

Despite a depth and breadth of resources, we recognize that no one supplier can be all things to all people. That is why we have established relationships with a range of companies worldwide that offer the complementary products, tools and skills that we need to provide the best possible customer security solutions. We will continue to explore relationships with companies to provide point software solutions, development tools, distribution and support.

Matrix has the capacity to help you plan and design your application requirements and then, either through the delivery of Matrix developed solutions or custom development of a specific solution for you, deliver a high quality/ high value application. We place the highest priority on the quality, timeliness and competitiveness of our products and services. Matrix will pursue our business objectives with a commitment to personal integrity and high professional standards.