ExtendedXP (EXP) combines the best of the StormShield HIPS technology with an innovative Monitoring Service. Subscribers to the service benefit both from proactive protection against unpatched vulnerability exploitation on the protected computer and from a service that will warn them of any newly identified vulnerabilities, keep them informed on the effectiveness of their infrastructure proactive protection system and, if appropriate, provide a new updated template for PC protection and make suggestions about any necessary measures that need to be taken. The combination of the leading behavioral protection technology in the world and a dedicated team of cyber-security experts monitoring the global state of XP vulnerability and integrating the gathered information to share with the EXP clients ensures the security of these XP computers.

EXP provides a high level of security for the XP OS and many of the applications that will be running on an XP computer without the need for signatures, patches, updates, etc. In addition to real-time pro-active identifying and stopping attacks attempting to exploit Microsoft vulnerabilities, the Monitoring Service monitors the overall XP threat environment worldwide and shares that information with all of EXP clients along with updated templates and best practices to use the EXP agent to stop the new identified attacks and address the vulnerabilities that are discovered.