StormShield Endpoint Security

Stopping Today’s Advanced Cyber Threats

You, and other organizations like yours, have invested heavily in products and people to implement and manage a multi-layered security system. Yet, every day you see more headlines about cyber-attacks that have successfully penetrated high and low profile organizations. You think that you are protected but you have this nagging feeling that you are still at risk. Is some cyber-criminal enterprise targeting you right now?

It is clear that legacy security products like next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, anti-virus and other endpoint protections that rely too heavily on signatures, reputation and known patterns of behavior are not effective at accurately identifying and stopping advanced targeted attacks. The most damaging and effective attacks are those that exploit unknown vulnerabilities. Despite the claims that were initially made, the same vendors that sold you these protections are now acknowledging their shortcomings and adopting a new perspective: these sophisticated, persistent and well-funded attacks are too difficult for them to prevent. They are now pushing new solutions for you to buy based on detection and advanced analytics. Their approach seems to be “We can’t stop the cyber-attackers but, buy our new software/services and we can tell you sooner that you may have been breached recently.” This is a dangerous shift and moves us in the wrong direction. Do we really have to give up on stopping attacks?

Introducing StormShield Endpoint Security Memory Protection (SES MP). Uniquely engineered to identify and stop attacks that get past the other layers of protection that you are using. No requirement for signatures, not reputation based, not dependent on behavior patterns and no lag time to send information to the cloud for analysis or into a queue for sandboxing. No more Zero Day exposure. Workstations, laptops and servers are protected at all times – whether they have a connection to the network or not.

SES MP is the evolutionary result of years of research and development by Airbus Defense and Space Cybersecurity and is already being used by leading banking, governmental, retail, insurance and other organizations. SES MP has been protecting these users from the most sophisticated advanced attacks and now, in the new release, has even stronger protections including a unique protection against advanced attacks like Pass-the-Hash.

The cyber-criminals test their attacks in their own QA labs against the leading security solutions and only launch targeted attacks that they know will get past the standard security layers. However, SES MP will still identify and stop even these sophisticated attacks. This includes attacks that are hidden in commonly used applications like WORD and injected directly into memory that breeze right through other protections are caught and stopped by SES MP.

SES MP is part of the SES endpoint family of products that includes additional protections including options for device control, anti-virus and disk and file encryption.